Fixed-Fee Solutions for Family Law Matters

Tradition + Innovation = Your Peace of Mind

Etheringtons have been providing expert family law advice and representation to our clients on the Sydney’s North Shore for over 25 years.

We have now introduced a new option of fixed-fee pricing across the full range of our family law services, offering our clients a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Whether you are involved in out-of-court settlement or court proceedings, you can now have the benefit of expert advice and representation, provided by our accredited family law specialist, for a fixed fee.

We have developed a structured fixed-fee pricing model which clearly reflects every stage of your matter, as well as its nature and complexity.

This ensures that you know ahead of time exactly what your legal costs are going to be for each stage of your matter. Our model also enables you to make a fully informed decision as to how you wish us to progress your matter.

We have introduced fixed-fee pricing as an innovative response to our clients’ needs, while preserving the core values and traditions of our firm. We remain dedicated to providing customised services to our clients.

How does it work?

Firstly, we assess your matter, in terms of its nature, complexity and possible outcomes.

Secondly, we break your matter into stages and identify the exact tasks to be performed in each stage.

Thirdly, we fix a fee for each stage of your matter, taking into account many various factors, such as:

  • The legal issues we will need to deal with: how unique and complex they are;
  • The outcomes you wish to achieve;
  • The way you wish to achieve those outcomes: through out-of-court settlement or court determination;
  • The urgency of your matter;
  • Possible issues arising from the conduct of the other party, to the extent that we can predict it;

What’s Covered?

Our fixed fees are not the same as estimates that solicitors who bill by the hour typically provide to clients.

Our fees are fixed for each stage of your matter and they cover all our professional fees and incidental internal expenses, such as telephone calls, postage charges, printing and copying.

What’s not Covered?

The fees that will be charged by other service providers engaged to progress your matter are not included in our fixed fee.

This may include barristers, experts (valuers, accountants, medical practitioners) and process servers. If your matter goes to court, there will be fees payable directly to the Court. We will advise you if any of these services will be required and give you notice of the fees you will have to incur.

What’s the Benefit?

You will be able to plan and budget with a clear understanding of the processes and steps required to complete your matter.

You will have the full knowledge of how much each step will cost you.

You will not be charged for each separate phone call or email, which will make your communications with us easier and more relaxed and contribute to a better rapport between you and your solicitor.

We will be able to focus on the task at hand, not on recording the minutes to be billed. This will enable us to complete your matter more promptly and efficiently

Fixed Fees for Family Law Matters Etheringtons Solicitor Sydney

What’s Next?

The process of engaging Etheringtons to act for you in your family law matter for a fixed fee is simple.

Process of Etheringtons fixed-fee family law matters Sydney

Apart from setting our fixed fees, our Costs Agreement also provides you with a detailed road map of your family law matter, enabling you to plan ahead. In particular, the following information is included in our Costs Agreement:

  • The scope of the work you have instructed us to perform for you
  • The stages of your matter, from start to finish
  • The list of tasks we will perform at each stage of your matter
  • Our professional fees fixed for each stage of your matter
  • The method of payment (in most cases, in instalments, or, if this is not possible, as deferred payments)
  • The solicitors who will perform the work for you
  • The tasks that we may request other service providers to perform, if required (for example, experts, valuers, barristers), and payment for those services.
Fixed-fee pricing allows you to sleep peacefully and encourages us to work efficiently.

To learn more about our fixed fees for family law services, please, contact our accredited family law specialist on 99639800.