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solicitors can assist in the entire range of family law matters, from drafting pre-nuptial agreements and/or binding financial agreements, to advocating your rights in the Family Court. Our solicitors are experienced in parenting matters (including families with children with special needs and child relocation), division of assets and liabilities after separation, and divorce applications.

We have expertise in and can conduct matters ‘collaboratively’,’ which means that we aim to resolve your matters without the need to end up in Court. We find this approach can save our clients time, money and stress, and we can prepare the legal documents if you and your ex-spouse reach an agreement after separation.

Sometimes proceeding to Court is necessary. We can represent you in matters at the Federal Circuit Court of Australia as well as more complicated matters in the Family Court and at either the Sydney or Parramatta Registries for interim hearings, interlocutory matters, conciliation conferences and final hearings.

I found that under these very stressful times, Etheringtons Solicitors have not only showed great proficiency and efficiency in preparing for the case, but also EMPATHY which I greatly needed in these tormenting circumstances.

I therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services and will certainly employ their services in the future.

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Etheringtons Solicitors prides itself on our team of strong, compassionate and experienced family lawyers. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is often a difficult time for our clients, and we strive to provide thorough advice in relation to your rights and options whilst being considerate of your specific needs.

Dividing Assets and Fixed Fees

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We’ve put together two eBooks – one on 8 things you need to know about dividing assets and liabilities following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, and the other on fixed-fee solutions for family law. Download the eBooks by providing your name and email address below.

8 things when separating assets
fixed fee solutions

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