A mother would only get to keep the family home in a divorce if there was agreement with her partner and that would involve an out –of-Court settlement and that’s quite common because often, for example, the father will say, if he’s leaving small children behind, it’s in the best interests of the children to keep the home because that’s where they feel safe and secure in many cases. And often, when a marriage breaks up, it’s the home that is the one stable influence in the children’s lives and so it’s very important to keep that home, unless there is financial pressure which requires the home to be sold. So in a situation where the parties cannot reach an agreement where, for example, the mother’s allowed to stay in the home for five or ten years, until the children reach a certain age where they can cope with the separation and a change of residence, then if, for example, there isn’t enough equity in the property, or if, for example, the father wants his equity out of the home, then in that situation it‘s very hard for a wife to try and force the husband to keep the home in the ownership that it is or to change the ownership perhaps but to enable the children to keep living in that environment.