What we try to do to keep things out of Court is to make sure that the client knows exactly what it is that risks are of their case, because no matter how good your case is there’s always going to be a risk so what you really have emphasis with a client to try and settle matter is what is the down side? What are the risk here what are they exposed to and what is it going to cost them if they don’t win. Usually when you point out those things it makes people readjust where they’re at and it makes them say “oh actually maybe the offer that’s there is worth really considering” because its very easy to sort of be gunho about “yes, I’ve got a great case and I’m gonna win it” its much harder to say to the client, look, these are the down sides and sometimes it pays off much better to be a pessimistic type solicitor with the client rather than the optimistic type. Usually that’s where you resolve things by getting to see it from the other side and getting to see the weaknesses.