If your partner is uncooperative, unreasonable and not communicating with you, then what occurs in that situation is that you would go off to your solicitor and he would consider starting proceedings, but there is a requirement, under the pre-action procedures of the Court, where you are obliged to disclose information to one another, and to seek to have some sort of conference where you can actually talk about a settlement proposal. If that fails, then the law enables you to issue a notice to the other side to say, “I want all these documents” – bank statements, property details, mortgage debts, all that sort of information; and if that doesn’t come to you voluntarily from the other side, then you are able to go off to Court and you are able to get orders and then if they’re not complied with, then your partner does have serious problems on contempt of Court issues. So unfortunately that’s the not so nice approach, if people are not co-operating and being reasonable with one another.