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Understanding Unfair Dismissal Claims

Understanding Unfair Dismissal Claims

Unfair dismissal matters can be complex and frustrating for both employers and employees alike.  Since the commencement of the Fair Work Act in 2009, employers have had expanded responsibilities to…

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The Financial Risk In Giving Personal Guarantees In Leases

The financial risk in giving personal guarantees in leases

If you are a director of a company entering a commercial or retail lease, a landlord will likely require you to give a personal guarantee for the company’s obligations under…

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Accessing Digital Assets – Estate Planning Essentials

Accessing digital assets – Estate planning essentials

The recent death (or purported death) of Gerald Cotton, former Chief Executive Officer of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange company, Quadriga CX, emphasises the importance of planning your electronic after-life. Mr Cotton’s…

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Defamation And Facebook

Defamation and Facebook

Sharing on Facebook can be defamatory A recent Queensland Supreme Court decision concerning defamatory posts in the go-carting community has led to a Queensland Supreme Court judge awarding the aggrieved…

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Trade Marks In Australia

Trade Marks in Australia

The advantage of registering a trade mark is that it confers far more benefits than registering a business name, company name or domain name. Marketing is an important business tool,…

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How Effective Are Your Post Employment Restraints?

How effective are your Post Employment Restraints?

Much damage can be done to a business when an executive or senior manager resigns, taking with them valuable customer and confidential information. Restraint of trade clauses, or post-employment restraints,…

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Collaborative Law – A New Approach To Family Law

Collaborative law - a new approach to Family Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new concept used to resolve legal disputes. Collaborative lawyers are qualified lawyers with training and experience in dispute resolution and facilitation processes. Collaborative law is…

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E-conveyancing; The Way Of The Future

E-conveyancing; the way of the future

For the past 150 years when completing a property settlement it has been necessary for lawyers and banks to meet up to check and swap documents and bank cheques. The…

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Avoiding Redundancy Traps

Avoiding redundancy traps

Employers can easily fall into dispute with their employees by failing to properly handle redundancies. There is often uncertainty surrounding redundancy, in terms of handling it within the law, as…

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Fact Or Fiction – Top 5 Myths About Family Law Property Settlements

Fact or fiction – top 5 myths about family law property settlements

Most people know someone who has been affected by a family breakup. It is usually a very stressful and emotional time when people are anxious about the divorce, the property…

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The Benefits Of Mediation In A Commercial Dispute

The benefits of mediation in a commercial dispute

Lawyers are often stereotyped as being interested in prolonging an expensive court action. More often the opposite is true. Lawyers know that court cases are expensive and that clients are…

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Introduction To Intellectual Property For Business

Introduction to Intellectual Property for Business

Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and can be an invention, a trade mark, a design or the practical application of your idea. It…

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