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What Are Defects And How Does A Defects Liability Period Work?

What are defects and how does a defects liability period work?

It is important to understand exactly what is meant by the term ‘defect’, how a contractual ‘defects liability period’ works in practical terms and also whether there is any right to claim damages for covering the costs of rectifying a defect.

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Does Your Employment Contract Measure Up?

Does your employment contract measure up?

If you are entering into an employment contract, do you know what should be included? If you are an employer and using an old contract, should it be reviewed first?…

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Understanding A Commercial Lease

Understanding a Commercial Lease

When renting a property from which you intend to run a business, it is important for both Landlords and Tenants to understand the relationship they are entering into and the…

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Top 6 Power Of Attorney Questions

Top 6 Power of Attorney Questions

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives a trusted person the legal authority to act for you and to make legally binding decisions on your behalf.  If…

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Breaking: Landmark Federal Court Decision Affecting All Casual Employers

Breaking: Landmark Federal Court Decision affecting all casual employers

On the 16th of August 2018, the Full Federal Court delivered a judgment that may have wide-ranging impacts for casual employees and their employers across Australia. It decided that despite…

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Are You A Director Of An Insolvent Company?

Are you a director of an insolvent company?

During difficult economic conditions it is important that all directors revisit their duties as directors and are aware of how the board should deal with a situation where the company…

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Have You Been Left Out Of A Will?

Have you been left out of a Will?

The loss of a family member is always a difficult time, but it can become even more distressing to learn that you have not been included in the family member’s…

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Buying A Property At Auction – Things You Need To Know BEFORE The Auction Day

Buying a property at auction - things you need to know BEFORE the auction day

Buying a property can often be an intimidating process, especially at auction where you are competing with other buyers and there is no cooling off period. Many properties are sold…

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Family Law Property Settlements – Is A 50/50 Split The Starting Point?

Family Law Property Settlements - is a 50/50 split the starting point?

Following the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship, it is common for separated parties to be unsure, and therefore anxious, about their entitlements in a property settlement and…

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Personal Liability For Company Directors

Personal Liability for Company Directors

A company is an association incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the ‘Act’). The effect of incorporation gives the company a separate entity, distinct from its directors and shareholders.…

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Swimming Pool Compliance

Swimming Pool Compliance

If you’re the owner of a Torrens title property that has a swimming pool, you need to be aware of your obligations in relation to swimming pool compliance. Due to…

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Will My Facebook Post Affect My Employment?

Will my Facebook post affect my employment?

Can an employer intervene in an employee’s use of social media outside work? A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission has shed some light on this question showing that…

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