Selling a Business

Are you looking to sell your business and need the right advice on how to get the most out of your sale? At Etheringtons Solicitors we have an experienced team of business and company law lawyers who are experts in ensuring the sale of your business is stress free and successful.

Our competitively priced rates enable our clients to avoid unnecessary costs and delays and ensure the best possible outcome from the sale of their business.

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell a Business?

The sale of business can be extremely complex. There are significant legal and government requirements that can make the process of selling your business very costly and stressful. Much like the sale of a property, the sale of business is a lot about timing and negotiation.

With Etheringtons Solicitors on your side you will have a team of formidable negotiators who are highly experienced in the process of selling a business. Our team is dedicated to making sure you close the best deal for your business.

Services We Offer for Prospective Business Sellers

  • Preparing Contract for Sale of Business
  • Preparing agreements and deeds
  • Transferring licences and permits
  • Providing advice regarding company tax, GST, capital gains tax, and stamp duty liabilities and concessions.
  • Providing advice as to your liabilities and obligations to employees
  • Assisting with the cancelling of your ABN and transferring or cancelling your business name
  • Providing advice on the retention of company intellectual property
  • Providing advice as to restrictions of trade agreements

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