Binding Financial Agreements in Family Law

If you are in a marriage or de facto relationship you may want to formally regulate the financial relationship. You can do this in an amicable, albeit formal manner, by entering into a legally binding Financial Agreement. This is commonly known as a Prenuptial Agreement. You can enter either prior to, during or at the end of the relationship.

These agreements are common at the start of a relationship, with the view of protecting assets on separation. You can also enter into such an Agreement if your relationship has broken down and you wish to amicably divide your assets. You can include arrangements for financial support of one partner by the other.

Couple signing financial agreements

Advice for Binding Financial Agreements

We will provide advice as to whether a Binding Financial Agreement will be appropriate in your particular situation for regulating your financial relationship with the other party. If instructed, we will prepare such an Agreement according to relevant legal requirements. We will ensure that it is binding on both parties and enforceable in court if challenged at a later stage by one of the parties.

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