Children and Parenting Issues During Separation

Many of our clients ask us to assist them with matters relating to their children and parenting following separation. Common issues are where the children will live after separation, how the parties will co-parent and who will be responsible for paying for the children’s expenses.

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Living Arrangements and Care of the Children

Living Arrangements

Most separating parents will need to decide whether the arrangements relating to the children will be on the basis of equal shared care. Alternatively, the children could primarily live with one parent and spend time with the other parent. In some circumstances, the arrangements may provide that the children live with another significant person. This could include grandparents, step-parents or other relatives. However, it must be in the children’s best interests.

Decision-making Processes

The parents also need to work out how they will make decisions about their children’s major long-term issues. Issues include health, education and schooling, religion and country of residence. In other words, they need to decide how they will exercise their parental responsibility following separation. Will they share it on an equal basis or will one parent be primarily responsible for such decisions?

In most cases, our family law solicitors can help you to resolve all the children and parenting issues you may face following separation. Please get in touch for tailored advice to your situation.

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Child Support

Separating parents often have concerns regarding child support payments. These are payments that they are liable to pay to, or are entitled to receive from, the other parent when they no longer live together. It is, understandably, a very sensitive issue. It can also be a very complex legal issue that benefits from the involvement of a lawyer.

Our family law solicitors will explain how child support works and what options may be available to you. Examples of options are periodic weekly payments or assistance with private school fees and medical expenses.

Binding Child Support Agreements

We understand that there are some circumstances where you wish to keep your child support arrangements private. We can prepare a Binding Child Support Agreement. It sets out the terms of the parties’ agreement with respect to future child support payments.

In other, albeit limited, circumstances where the parties have a complex dispute regarding child support, we can take the dispute to Court.

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