Intellectual Property Law and Services

Your ideas, trademarks and intellectual property are worth money.
Etheringtons work with you to:

  • Establish the value of your trademarks and intellectual property
  • Assist with copyright registration
  • Prepare trademark applications and trademark registrations
    Provide strategies for copyright protection
  • Monitor you intellectual property and trademarks to protect against possible infringement
  • Protect you from possible copyright infringement and trademark infringement
  • Competently manage your intellectual property portfolio
  • Identify possible infringements of the intellectual property of others

For more information, visit our pages on Valuing your Intellectual Property and Trademark Registration, Copyright Protection and Portfolio Management.
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Defending infringement claims

Providing advice you can depend on, Etheringtons will assist you in defending and mediating claims of:

  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement

For more information, visit our page on Defending alleged infringement claims.
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Commencing Infringement claims

With extensive experience both in Australia and overseas, Etheringtons is able to provide prompt legal advice on commencing proceedings or mediation on:

  • Intellectual property claims
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Trademark infringement claims

For more information, visit our page on Protecting your Intellectual Property.
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Protect your rights!

If you haven’t already done so, seeking the advice of copyright lawyers about the value of your ideas and intellectual property is a valuable first step and could increase the worth of your business.
Etheringtons takes pride in nurturing long term relationships with its business clients to ensure their intellectual property is accurately valued and protected.
For advice and help on how to value and protect your ideas, trademarks and intellectual property, contact Etheringtons today.

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