The best defence against alleged trademark infringement claims, copyright infringement claims or design infringement claims is to conduct preliminary searches. These searches look for registered designs, trademarks, names, logos and other intellectual property that are similar in nature to yours.

It is also important to ensure your intellectual property portfolio is evaluated to assess which assets would benefit from registration and protection.

For more information, visit our page on Valuing your Intellectual Property.

Advice you can rely on

Etheringtons are experienced in obtaining intellectual property protection for clients in a variety of fields. We form long-term relationships with our clients and work with them to develop strategies to safeguard their intellectual property and protect their business from false claims of copyright infringement, trademark infringement or design infringement.

Relying on our international and domestic practice we can secure copyright, trademark and design registrations throughout the world and provide you with copyright protection covering all member states of the Berne Convention. Once this is achieved, we are then able to provide protection, enforcement and defend any claims of copyright infringement.

Using Etheringtons to help you secure and value your intellectual property rights means you can operate your business without fear. For advice you can rely on contact Etheringtons today.

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What to do if you are accused of infringing another’s copyright?

Etheringtons have handled complex intellectual property lawsuits including:

  • Trademark infringement claims
  • Registered design infringement claims
  • Copyright infringement claims
  • Breach of trade secrets claims

Our approach is to utilise our diverse experience to ensure our clients’ cases are handled efficiently and cost effectively. Where appropriate, we will consider mediation as a method to obtain a prompt resolution and reduce the costs of defending a dispute.

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