Protect your trademarks, logos, copyright and intellectual property assets in Australia and world-wide.

In the very first consultation, Etheringtons will evaluate the types of intellectual property that apply to your business and assess which ones need to be registered. We will then determine the strategies needed to safeguard these assets to help protect your business from the threat of imitation by competitors.

To find out more about how you can protect your intellectual property, contact Etheringtons.

Or for more information, visit our page on Trademark registration, copyright protection and portfolio management.


Assessing possible infringements

Before you can safeguard your own intellectual property rights, you need to protect yourself against claims of infringements by others.

Preliminary searches are crucial to assess any possible infringement of the registered designs, trademarks, names, logos and other intellectual property of another party.

You don’t need to fear third party allegations of breaches to their intellectual property. Gain peace of mind by talking to Etheringtons today. We will provide you with the right advice so you can confidently operate your business and maximise its potential.

Make sure you are protected against claims of:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Design infringement or
  • Copyright infringement

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For more information, visit our page on Defending alleged infringement claims.


Fighting to protect your Intellectual Property

Contact Etheringtons immediately if you become aware of any possible infringement of your intellectual property rights. We will provide you with prompt legal advice and assistance.

Enforcement of your intellectual property rights includes:

  • Evaluating the status of your intellectual property portfolio
  • Establishing its protection
  • Classifying the type of infringement
  • Collecting evidence of the infringement

If you believe another party is using your intellectual property contact Etheringtons.