Registering trademarks, designs, ideas and other types of intellectual property is a critical step to protect your business from copyright infringement.

But monitoring your intellectual property is even more important.


Don’t waive your rights!

Many courts have held that if you do not protect your intellectual property from infringement, you are waiving the right to claim exclusive use of your trademark, registered design, copyright or any other intellectual property you own.

As part of our service offering, Etheringtons can help you monitor your trademarks and other intellectual property for potential infringement so you can take legal action against those infringers if required.


Mediation has benefits

While we are happy to represent you in Court, when appropriate, Etheringtons will also seek any options for mediation to resolve infringement claims. Mediation can often reduce the costs and duration of legal proceedings.


Monitoring and protecting your rights

If you are not monitoring and protecting the use of your trademarks, designs and intellectual property, talk to Etheringtons. We have the experience and knowledge to help you protect your rights. Contact Etheringtons here.