An audit of your intellectual property can help your business:

  • Raise finance
  • Increase its value during merger or sale negotiations
  • Make informed decisions on expansion and development plans


The audit process identifies all of your business’s intangible assets and intellectual property to determine their value. This includes identifying the assets:

  • With the highest value
  • That are most vulnerable to the effects of competition or copying
  • With the greatest opportunities to develop further

Etheringtons can even provide you with a balance sheet value of your existing intellectual property assets, if required.


As a result of the audit process, we can then provide you with legal advice on what assets need to be protected and the benefits to be gained from intellectual property protection through:

  • Copyright application
  • Trademark application
  • Copyright registration
  • Australian trademark registration
  • Possible international trademark registration

For more information visit our page on Trademark registration, copyright protection and portfolio management.


If you would like to investigate the value of your intellectual property portfolio, talk to Etheringtons.

We will take you through the steps, processes and costs so you can maximise the potential of your intellectual property assets.

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