• Local Courts
  • District Court
  • Supreme Court
  • High Court of Australia

It is important to seek timely legal advice so contact us immediately for:

  • a clear statement of your rights and responsibilities;
  • your prospects for success; and
  • an estimate of costs

Our experienced solicitors in Sydney have expertise across all courts and can appear on your behalf.

Debt Recovery

Negotiate a settlement or pursue court action

A simple letter can often resolve the issue.

For amounts of $100,000 or less, the Local Court of NSW will assist. Legal costs are usually fixed and the process is quite straightforward. Higher amounts involve the District or Supreme Courts.

The possible outcomes include:

A court order to allow seizure of funds
A court order to seize property without notice
A court order to seize a debtor’s wages from their employer
Have the person declared bankrupt


If you are in debt

We can negotiate on your behalf:

Payment of a lower amount in lieu of the debt
Other arrangements if your creditor is seeking orders against your wages
Application to the court to pay a debt by instalments


Unsatisfactory advice or service from a professional in the following areas:

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Other professionals

Etheringtons Solicitors can negotiate, mediate or undertake proceedings on your behalf.


You were told one thing, something different has occurred. We can negotiate or sue on your behalf.
Saying something to induce a person to reach an agreement that is not true, or remaining silent when asked about a particular thing can also be misrepresentation. Sometimes an exaggeration of facts may be sufficient to amount to misrepresentation and provided this leads you to enter into the contract, you will have rights to be able to bring the contract to an end.


Assistance if you have been served, advice on expense claims, and your obligations explained.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and negotiation is:

  • Less costly
  • Less formal
  • Less time-consuming
  • Results more tailored to your needs

At Etheringtons, we always strive to narrow a dispute as early as possible to bring about a mutual agreement without the necessity for court proceedings.


Etheringtons Solicitors are experienced in the court-preferred system for settling disputes.

Advantages of mediation:

  • Private
  • Court-approved
  • Independent arbitrator
  • High success rate
  • Less expensive
  • A quicker process


Obtain injunctions in a personal or business dispute; your rights and obligations if an injunction has been served on you.


Your rights explained, appearances made on your behalf, the tribunals that best suit your circumstances explained.

  • Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal
  • Coroner’s Court
  • Health Care Complaints Commission
  • Medical Tribunal
  • Fair Work Commission
  • Pharmacy Council of New South Wales
  • Chiropractic Council of NSW
  • Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal of NSW
  • Pharmacy Council of NSW
  • Physiotherapists Tribunal of NSW
  • Psychologists Tribunal of NSW
  • Osteopathy Tribunal of NSW
  • Podiatry Tribunal of NSW
  • Guardianship Tribunal