Intellectual Property Law and Services

Public Notary

Paul Etherington is a Notary Public and Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries. A Notary Public is an officer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales who administers oaths and statutory declarations and witnesses documents which are accepted in a range of jurisdictions around the world. Not all solicitors are notaries.

Fees apply for notarial services.

Family Trusts

We can assist you in establishing a Family Trust. We can advise you as to the benefits of having a Trust, for example ensuring that your personal assets are protected in the event that your business was to fail. We can advise you as to whether or not a trust structure is suitable. A Trust can generally be set up at a low cost and we can also work with your accountant to ensure that it is set up in the best possible way for you. Advantages can be where you have children that you want to buy property for but you do not want to provide them with ownership of the property. Further advantages can be in terms of taxation and it can also be an effective way to distribute profits.

Debt Recovery

We can act for individuals and companies who seek to recover debts that are outstanding to them. We can act for you against the debtor to obtain a judgment for the monies owed to you, and upon obtaining that judgment, we can also assist in relation to instalment orders for payment of debts. Once we obtain a judgment, you have twelve (12) years usually to enforce that judgment and interest will also continue to accrue on the judgment so ultimately where there are funds that are available, we will be able to recover them for you. If the debt is owed by a company, we have a range of expertise in winding-up companies, and also in actually recovering the money owed by a company by way of issuing writs to seize property, obtaining Garnishee Orders to obtain funds from a bank account and other options. We have also acted in bankruptcy proceedings which we usually recommend as a last resort in terms of recovering debts.

Superannuation and SMSF

We can provide advice and documentation in relation to establishing a self-managed super fund. We can also advise in relation to superannuation claims. We have acted in matters where we challenged the decision of the superannuation trustee as to the recipient of a death benefit under the policy. If you have an issue with your superannuation fund or self-managed superannuation fund, we are able to assist you in all aspects.

Asset protection

Whether it is opening a new business or changing the structure of your current business, we can provide you with advice to ensure that, your personal assets and wealth are as well protected as possible in the event of a difficult financial situation arising. We can also advise on other forms of asset protection such as an arrangement for a partner or a child to be able to reside in a particular property after you die. You may also wish to seek advice in relation to protecting property.
We can act in relation to lodging Caveats on the title of a property in certain circumstances and advise you on what you can do when Caveats have been lodged on your property without a proper basis.