The division of assets within any marriage often depends upon the age of the parties, the length of time that the parties have been together whether there are children involved whether there was a particular contribution from one side to the other, for example if you are looking at a situation where two people got married in their early 20’s and had two children and the husband developed his career and the wife stayed at home and looked after the children and we’re probably talking about a typical couple in that situation then there are some general principles that can apply to that situation. But when you have children, when you have inheritances or redundancies or wind-falls like that, or there’s a number of children and then of course it depends on the age of the children. So if you’ve got children that are almost self-supporting or are self-supporting, then that’s different to having a situation where there’s three and five and seven year old children. So to answer your question how do you actually work out how to divide up the property pool, it depends on the circumstances of the particular pool . So what your mate had or what you had can be entirely different because your circumstances are and can be entirely different.